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Tofu steaks, mango chutney, chips and salad

I think about 90 to 95% of our friends are hard core carnivores, and probably think Karen and I are a bit mad.

Nevertheless, we continue to invite people for dinner parties and serve up raw and/or vegan food.

The good thing is, mostly, our guests are pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoy their meal.

Which is wonderful and encouraging for us.

Raw sweetcorn chowder
This was the menu for our most recent dinner party:

Pre-dinner nibbles - onion bread with humous or vegan creem cheeze

Starter - Raw sweetcorn chowder

Main course - Smoked tofu steaks with a mango                         chutney
                      Oven baked sweet potato chips
                      2 green salads

Dessert     - Raw vegan choc mint mousse cake

For the onion bread, see this previous post.

The raw soup was absolutely divine, and oh so easy to make:


3 C     sweetcorn (fresh or frozen - thaw the frozen first though)
2 1/4 C water
3/4 C   cashew nuts
1 t     rock salt
About an extra cup corn and a few sprigs of parsley for serving/garnish

Put all the ingredients (except the garnish bits) into a high speed blender, and blend really well till smooth and creamy.

I doubled up on the above, as we had eight people for dinner, and we had some left over.

This soup is better if ever so slightly warm. So you can make it at the very last minute and blend for a long time so that it is warm from the blender.

Or, as I did, make it well in advance and warm by standing the pot of soup in another bowl of hot water, like a bain-marie.
To serve, pour into bowls, stir in about a dessert spoon of corn kernels and add a sprig of parsley.

Raw vegan choc mint mousse cake

Next up - the main course, and the week after, the choc mint mousse:

In the meantime, bon apetit.

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