Raw and vegan Ice-kreem

Delicious Ice-creems - raw and dairy free - and healthy

Banana cashew nut ice-creem
Another of my favourite concepts is the raw vegan ice-kreem, or whip.

These are so easy to make as they usually have only one or two (probably three at the most) ingredients.

For some of them, you might have to plan ahead and freeze some fruit beforehand, but the effort is well worth it.

A friend shared this dairy free pineapple whip (MMmm - I do occassionally go to Facebook!), and there is another variation of it here.

Thanks to Lina of Hip2Save, and Megan of the Detoxinista for these recipes.

Both these sound delicious, but I would use agave nectar or coconut blossom sugar as the sweetener, if its needed.

Some time back I made this banana-cashew nut ice-creem with chocolate sauce - decadently delicious!
(See the pic above. It was served up with a slice of raw vegan coconut tart)

I am so looking forward to getting back in the kitchen!

Bon apetit.

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