Raw and vegan - more with the dehydrater - beetroot toast

Raw and vegan - more with the dehydrater - beetroot toast

Dehydrated vegetable powders

As promised in last week's dehydrating post, the outcome of my dehydrating sessions -


1 bag spinach
3 beetroot
5 carrots and
3 large red peppers which I dehydrated in the next session,

Jars of vegetable powders

produced a small jar of each flavour powder.

Not as much as I had hoped for, but still plenty for decorating.

I was delighted with the vibrant colours, and the intense aromas from each.

Really great.

Beetroot Toast

I used quite a bit (4 Tablespoons)  of the beetroot powder to make a batch of beetroot toast which will be the base for a starter in one of the upcoming dinner parties.

Not sure what the rest of the menu will be yet.

Dehydrating the peppers and the beetroot toast

The recipe comes from Deb Durrant's Taste programme, and it was one of the things we made on the course a while ago. See this post on Taste

I am thrilled with the outcome - these toasts are just as excellent as the ones we made on the course.

You will have to follow Deborah at Deliciously Raw to get the details of her recipes.

Next up - using the cold smoking gun!

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