Berry smoothie - raw and vegan

Berry smoothie - raw and vegan

Now for my berry smoothie.

You can of course use any berries you want, and whatever you use will of course create the colour of the smoothie.

This time I have used some soaked goji berries, among others, which give it the almost orange colour.

My berry smoothie ingredients

1 banana
about 6 pitted dates, soaked
1 C raspberries
about 2 T each goji berries, white mulberries and cranberries, soaked in a little water overnight.
some stevia tablets or stevia liquid
1 T pea protein
1 T camu camu berry powder
1 T baobab powder
1 C water

Berry smoothie

And blend together in a high speed blender for about 40 seconds.

Pour and enjoy.

See Last chocolate smoothie post for general notes on smoothies.

One particular note for berry smoothies though, is I have found blueberries don,t work very well.
The taste is great but they cause the smoothie to separate, with one half becoming very liquid and the other very thick and almost gelatinous.

Bon apetit

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